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Dining in KL is no simple matter. Every meal is an elaborate affair with a great deal of fanfare and gusto. From wayside stalls known as Mamaks to the upmarket gourmet restaurants the choices are absurdly wide. Many races and cultures have left their culinary signature on the fabric of this society and this is what makes KL a foodie's delight. Chinese, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Continental, Tex-Mex, Cajun, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, and various curious combinations that defy categorisation, find their way into menus all over the city.

Enjoy authentic local cuisine at its finest at Seri Melayu in Jalan Conlay in the Golden Triangle. The dinner buffet is quite an experience with excellent choices on the menu and heart-warming cultural performances for visual delight. Another restaurant on the hit list in the vicinity is the Bon Ton. The elegant interiors embellished with silk complements the gracious wooden edifice, while the superb cuisine elevates the whole experience a notch above the competition. The place is famous for its delectable cheesecake. As far as the Far East is concerned, the Gonbei Japanese restaurant is your best bet. Located in the upmarket Starhill shopping gallery, the exceptional menu here is complemented by the exquisite setting amidst a typical Japanese garden.

For a wider choice of gourmet dining and wining you can't go past the CoChine on Jalan Doraisamy. In addition to the stylish restaurant they have a watering joint, Bar SaVanah, upstairs where the party never ends.

The KLCC in the Petronas towers has a few exceptionally popular dining outlets such as the Chakri Palace for authentic Thai, Madam Kwan's for the local street stall fare in stylish surroundings, Santini's for great Italian fare, and Chili's for scrumptious burgers and steaks.

For more unforgettable dining experiences, visit the Greek and Spanish restaurant Moussandra in KL Plaza. Authentic Mediterranean cuisine and excellent house wine are the specialties here. On the mezzanine floor in the same vicinity you'll find Out of Africa & Kudu Bar which is great for a change of palate. The Frangipani is the undisputed choice for French cuisine. Passage Through India on Jalan Delima in the Golden Triangle area takes you through a magical Indian dining fiesta ensconced in mystical ambiences with elegant paintings and sand from the Himalayas for company. More Indian dining is on offer at the Bombay Palace and Taj Crown Princess on Jalan Tun Razak. Reserving a table in advance would be a good idea.

An essential experience that needs to be part of any tourist itinerary would have to be street side dining that springs up mysteriously late in the evenings,. Known as mamaks, these open stalls prepare Indian, Chinese, and local Malay fare while you wait, and serve it steaming hot and fragrant. These are favoured by the local youth and workers who swear by its unique flavours and friendly budget. Seated precariously close to whizzing traffic on plastic chairs and eating off rickety make-shift tables amid loud chatter and boisterous bonhomie, this is an experience not to be missed. A cut above these are the Kopitiams or Coffee shops where the whole experience is replicated but in slightly better conditions.



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