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Entertainment in KL is big business and covers a range large enough to accommodate everyone from the couch potato to the bungee diver. A fine fusion of various cultures ensures there's never a dull moment in the arts and entertainment front. In fact, KL is the perfect venue to sample a variety of art and culture within minutes of each other.

KL goes for concerts in a big way. Located right at the city centre in the Petronas towers is the KL Philharmonic Hall, a prominent venue for anything classical from the local Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra to Jazz concerts. Continental, Western, Indian, Chinese, and local Malay art forms are regularly staged before mesmerized audiences.

The KL Performing Arts Centre, also in the city, is a more hands-on venue where they have theatres and studios conducting workshops in drama, dance, and music, as well as superb stage shows. Regular staging of hit musicals and dance programmes draw huge crowds of discerning art lovers. For a taste of authentic Malay art forms, the Istana Budaya is the place to go. Located in the city on the Jalan Tun Razak, the building is an epitome of Malayan architecture and incorporates nuances of Malayan culture in its interiors and lay out. There is always something to look forward to on one or all of the four stages here, in the form of dance presentations, traditional Malay opera form known as bangsawan, music recitals, drama, or concerts.

Moving on from sober stage lighting to psychedelic strobe lights, there's a variety of entertainment that thrills all ages. The city is known for its lively karaoke bars, pubs, night clubs, and discos. Night life kicks in as the sun goes down and businesses down shutters. Though pubs close by midnight, the discos and night clubs stay open till around 2 a.m. Most star hotels have discos with live bands and great music that keep rocking right up to the first streaks of dawn.

A different type of entertainment would be the night markets that spring up late in the evenings. Main streets are simply taken over and traffic stopped as hawkers set up shop right there with a variety of mind blowing stuff for sale. The colours, fragrances, and the energetic ambience of the whole affair take on the guise of a festival. Bargain hunters come in hordes to get the deal of a lifetime where antiques, clothes, leather ware, souvenirs, jewellery, and a host of other stuff including fake designer labels hold sway.

In KL there's no danger of missing the latest blockbuster. Most malls have cinemas, some of them like the ones in One Uttam, bordering on the ridiculously luxurious. And the popcorn is not bad either. The Times Square mall has an IMAX theatre for a spectacular movie experience.


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